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Find your own drive by getting inspired by top athletes and peers around the globe. Create your own healthy lifestyle.

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This platform is for everyone to find a healthy balance between their work & personal life. If you find your drive, you’ll find your routines.


By being a member of our community, you support less fortunate women to have the opportunity to experience mind and body fitness.

About Hadewig

My name is Hadewig van Ommeren, I am the founder of the "The drive to do it". You’ll probably recognize as I say that as a single mom of two kids, it’s a constant rollercoaster to finding balance between work, family, staying fit and finding the time to relax.

Sport has always been a big part of my life. I started to research different kinds of sports, but especially the mindset that athletes seem to possess was something that greatly inspired me to investigate deeper.

My goal with this The drive to do it is to challenge people to start looking for the right mindset and to find their own drive to do it!

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As a community member of The drive to do it, we help you find your drive.

A unique combination of motivation and education by top athletes, with exercise, mindset training,
developing healthy habits and learning effective daily routines will improve your life in all kinds of ways.

We are here to motivate everyone, regardless of age, gender and background, to start
looking for your drive and to find a healthy balance between work and personal life.

Join us and find the drive to do it.


world's top athletes

What you will see in our video’s, are inspiring stories of athletes who have made
extraordinary achievements. What gives them the ability to reach the top? How do they keep up with working out in a daily routine with so much discipline and determination? How do they balance between their sport and personal life?

Hadewig works with athletes around the world, which lead to a tremendous amount of
inspiring stories, which are applicable to whatever fitness level you have at the moment. We dare you to show up and step out of your comfort zone to discover what sport suits you the best and to improve your mind and body fitness.

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your drive, routines & mindset

When your mind, body and soul are in good balance, you will experience more joy in life. We provide you with video’s about being strong both mentally and physically. Inspire you to having a healthy balance between mind, body and soul.

Our video’s will definitely challenge you on questions like; What are your routines? What do you eat? How do you unwind and relax during a busy day? What do you do to reconnect with yourself?

We will not only help you to find your drive to do it. We will also inspire you on all these levels and help you to stay energized and keep your drive to do it.



the drive of business (wo)men

To reach the top in your field of business, you must be on top of your game. But what does that mean exactly? What abilities do successful entrepreneurs have? How did they reach the top? And how do they keep up with the hard working whilst staying mentally and physically fit.

Besides their business success we want to show the bigger picture. We give insight in
how they combine business with their private life and talk about the obstacles they encounterand overcome.

These video's provide an explosion of inspiration and motivation so you are empowered to build on your own success.

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So Great!

So Great! Hadewig's content helped me so much to find some inner peace and motivation to actually start working on myself and finding my drive!


The training is well balanced and keeps me strong and focussed before every game. I would recommend Hadewig to everyone!

charity / foundation

Not everyone is in the lucky position to exercise.
Some circumstances or lack of financial resources can make a healthy lifestyle seem out of reach. The drive to do it foundation makes it possible for women who are less fortunate to exercise and become healthier. This is not only good for them, but also for the next generation. Lead by example.

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