the drive to do it

As a community member of The drive to do it, we help you find your drive. A unique combination of motivation and education by top athletes, with exercise, mindset training, developing healthy habits and learning effective daily routines will improve your life in all kinds of ways.

We are here to motivate everyone, regardless of age, gender and background, to start looking for your drive and to find a healthy balance between work and personal life. 

Join us and find the drive to do it.

about Hadewig

My name is Hadewig van Ommeren, I am the founder of the "The drive to do it". You’ll probably recognize as I say that as a single mom of two kids, it’s a constant rollercoaster to finding balance between work, family, staying fit and finding the time to relax. Sport has always been a big part of my life. I started to research different kinds of sports, but especially the mindset that athletes seem to possess was something that greatly inspired me to investigate deeper. My goal with this The drive to do it is to challenge people to start looking for the right mindset and to find their own drive to do it!