Working out on vacation? Skip it or have a routine?

Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. A busy job, your family, studies or a busy social life, sometimes you just need to recharge. But what if you have just built up some fitness? Of course you want to keep it up a little. You probably eat quite differently when you are on vacation, and you should be able to enjoy that too! But how can you make sure you don't come home feeling like a pudding dessert? That you return to normal life fit, rested and energized? In this blog you will find some tips to keep your energy and fitness levels up during your vacation!


First of all, remember that vacations are meant for relaxation. So don't put too much pressure on yourself to exercise every day like you would at home. Just try to fit in some activity most days, even if it's just a short walk or swim. But, don't overdo it. The trick is balance. Relax and enjoy, do fun things, eat good food, sleep a lot... and in between: a nice workout or activity that makes you feel good, both physically and mentally!

Working out on vacation? Skip it or have a routine? Hadewig van Ommeren

Three tips to keep exercising on vacation

Tip 1. Realistic goals

Our first tip is to set realistic goals. You might want to take it down a notch below your normal workout schedule. It can be helpful to set yourself a goal. For example, agree with yourself that every other day you do a workout with a certain focus (for example, upper body/ lower body or a do a workout for a set number of minutes) and that the other day you take a long walk or do another (reasonably) strenuous activity. In this way, you actually make an agreement with yourself that you will keep moving nicely, without putting too much pressure on yourself. After all, that's not why you’re on vacation!

Tip 2. Choose an active vacation

Choose a vacation that suits you. For example, hiking in the mountains or cycling through beautiful countryside. Are you more adventurous? Then go kayaking, mountain climbing or do other exciting and thrilling activities!

Tip 3. Be creative and do something different

Sometimes it's nice to stick to your regular workout. For example, if you are working towards a certain goal that you are already well on your way to achieving, or if you enjoy something so much that you just don't want to stop. Are you in a place where you can't practice your own sport?  Then choose another way to stay active. Go swimming, play tennis or volleyball with your fellow travelers, take a walk along the beach. Having fun with exercise is already important normally, but on vacation it's obviously even more important to do things you enjoy. Of course, bodyweight workouts can also go a long way! Or with rubber bands (check out the app 'Bandz'!). You can do endless exercises with those, too. But... on vacation, of course, you try to do as many things as possible that involve seeing something of the surroundings!

Working out on vacation? Skip it or have a routine? Hadewig van Ommeren The Drive to Do it   Working out on vacation? Skip it or have a routine? Hadewig van Ommeren The Drive to Do it


The secret to keeping up exercise on vacation: create your own vacation routine!

Set a goal and make a plan! Just make sure it's a realistic plan. If you plan to exercise in the morning, but you know you like to make it late, it's better to schedule your workout on another time. For example, in the middle of the day, or right before dinner.

The important fact remains: you are on vacation to rest. To refuel, to relax physically and mentally. You can lower your goals, you may ask a little less from yourself. Accept that your vacation goals are enough for now and allow yourself that wine or mega dessert. It is vacation!

Discover what works for you!

There is no such thing as a fixed routine or something that works for everyone. It has to fit you. Try something out and reflect on yourself, what worked and what didn't, and why? And try to figure out what your vacation workout routine is. There is no right or wrong ;-). Let us know what your routine is! And what you did to find out what works for you?


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